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Darkoo ft. Darkoo - Pick Up

‘Pick Up’ OUT NOW!

Buy/Stream here: https://lnk.to/Darkoo-PickUp

Call the #PICKUPHOTLINE \u0026 tell me your worst ghosting story for a chance to win a date with me! +44 7400 331 661

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Silent Pickup | The Greatest Pickup of All Time

Either this video is in your reality, or it isn't.

To know more, visit:

Voodoo? Black magic? I'm inviting all sceptics to do a bit of research about who I am: website below, and inquire more deeply on how this video relates to you and your hopes of doing less work around women, by using the information that she is broadcasting, to give you more control, relaxation and direction. After having spent 25 years studying Zen and the delusion of ego fear, I can say that we should ALL be doing this, all the time. It is not a method. It is an attunement. It is simply about me making direct contact with my awareness, emotional state and the internal state of physical sensation, then I can ATTUNE to anyone else's. We should be working with non-dual attunement all the time, with strangers, friends, and family. The purpose is the exact opposite of hypnosis or having power over someone. The purpose is to allow what is really possible to happen when we are not protecting ourselves. This girl was quite unprotected, and so I made myself equally vulnerable. The value of relational attunement with friends, family and strangers is, truly, unspeakable. What happens here is quite uncommon indeed, but, it's really quite simple: She was surprised. She was emotionally available. She was alone, curious, and wandering through a new city. The truth is that I didn't plan to be silent, and so the real skill here is not that I succeeded with a silent approach, it's that I KNEW TO BE SILENT AS I READ HER state of awareness, and emotional availability. Everything after that first moment was automatic because of my curiosity about where she was, NOT WHAT I WANTED TO GET. I enjoyed her state, and I tried to find this feeling in me to reflect it MORE STRONGLY back to her; then it just got softer and sweeter over time. No magic here. "Leave your desires, goals and fears alone, and let the mystery of what's going on around you take you deeper than your mental limits." Also, get out of your house and try to meet more people, rather than try to pick them up.

"The greatest pickup of all time..." What does that even mean?
We are constantly bombarded with pickup videos and pick up tricks and tips... So if there was such a thing as the greatest pickup of all time, it would have to be in a totally different language than all that: Something beyond technique; Something universal; Something timeless...

There is a reason why Travel Bum is considered by many to be the coaches coach. There is a whole world of naturalness and "Just Being Yourself" that seduction schools are missing.

Self-Realization and Interpersonal liberation are areas of study that date thousands of years back. Travelbum's history of Zen training, non-duality and embodiment-psychotherapy practice MIXED with his unusual history of using street-approaching – as a disciplined practice to transcend the ego – makes him a truly unique coach.

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Hi The Pickup #8: Cho, Hef & James Watss (prod. Spanker)

Ga voor de audio, alle teasers, behind the scenes, interviews, foto's en meer naar http://bit.ly/HiThePickupSessie8_YT

De afgelopen maanden gingen we samen met Hi op roadtrip. In de Hi The Pickup sessies stapten de tofste combinaties van artiesten bij Mr. Hi, Uriah Arnhem, in een grote Amerikaanse oldtimer voor een keiharde sessie.

Elke drie weken kozen de artiesten uit een serie unieke beats van dé producers van dit moment hun favoriete productie, om deze in onze klassieke bolide helemaal kapot te rappen. IN de auto ja, die is omgebouwd tot mobiele studio.

In de achtste en laatste aflevering van The Pickup is het tijd voor Cho, Hef en James Watss. Uiteraard is hun sessie uiteindelijk ook te beluisteren op Spotify: http://bit.ly/HiThePickup_YT

VIDEO CREDITS: http://venour.com/


Ga voor alle teasers, behind the scenes, interviews, foto's en meer naar http://bit.ly/HiThePickupSessie8_YT




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