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Pentax ME Super

The Pentax ME Super was their attempt to compete with the venerable Canon AE-1. This solidly built camera is a good bargain. .
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Jas Mann : What SD card does it take, and does it shoot 4k or 1080 video in lomography?
Publicfigureken : I have 1 how much will it sell for
succulentstir : Wait how do you change the ASA in camera??
molly maul : My ME SUPER twanged when I tripped shutter, the original ME was a nicer body.
Chuong Nguyen : Hi pro! Would you like to show me the way to take double exposure on this one! I've got fail in two times :(

Introduction to the ME Super, Video 1 of 2

After the ME, Pentax released the ME Super as an entry-level SLR. Better than the ME and MV, the ME Super had the option for manual camera use. The function was wonky and definitely encouraged automatic mode use, but a manual option existed.

Completing largely with the Olympus cameras to be the smallest 35mm film SLRs, the ME Super was smaller than the Olympus OM-2 and OM-2N as well as most other 35mm cameras on the market. Light and reliable, the ME Super presented a valid pathway for people upgrading from automatic or point-and-shoot cameras to SLRs.

Skip the Intro: 00:07
Camera Overview: 00:14
Camera History: 1:20
Camera's Lineage: 2:22
Camera Features -- Top: 3:29
Camera Features -- Front: 7:12
Camera Features -- Bottom: 8:52
Camera Features -- Back: 9:57
Camera Features -- Inside: 10:57
Notes and Observations: 12:59
Compared to the Pentax K1000: 13:16
Compared to the Olympus OM-2N: 13:49
Some Usage Tips: 14:32
Things to Avoid Doing to Your Camera: 15:08
Please, Please Love Me: 17:01

Link to Video 2:

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JoshWatts1994 : Hit there, I've recently found my me super, I've put new batteries in it, checked I've put them in the right way around, but not getting any LEDs light up in the viewfinder, is this a good sign that it's broken ?, Thanks
neil piper : self timer is clockwork no battery required
707username707 : Is the Auto Mode on the ME Super the same as Aperture Priority Mode mentioned on other 35mm cameras, such as the Minolta X700? If not whats the difference?
Lewis Langham : Hi David. Recently I found one of these cameras at work in the old studio and was told it had been there for a while 10/20 years. I brought film and new batteries for it, after getting someone to briefly check it over for me they didnt highlight any damages. Ive unloaded film into it and closed it up however im slightly worried that its struggling to take photos as the shutter button and shutter seem to be out of sync. Its taking a long time to take photos as the shutter button wont respond to taking photos. Being somewhat of an amateur I realise this could be something stupid im doing. Anything you can do to point me in the right direction?
Cait Marie : Thank you so much this review help so much. I just bought this camera today for a film photography class.

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